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Permanent Collection

Until Sunday 15 November 2020
(closed on Mondays - Wednesdays)
Gallery St. Ives

Leach Pottery Standard Ware / John Leach's Muchelney Pottery
Winchcombe Pottery / Clive Bowen / Dylan Bowen
Doug Fitch / Hannah McAndrew / Tim Andrews
Patia Davis / Prue Cooper / Jack Doherty etc.

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Tomoo Hamada

Saturday 21 November - Sunday 6 December 2020
Venue: Gallery St. Ives

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We are delighted that the gallery is now open to visitors.

■ We are making best effort to protect our customers from infections of COVID-19. Doors and windows will be kept open.
■ We would limit the number of customers in the gallery.


12 September 2020 updated Forthcoming Exhibitions
25 July 2020 updated Current Exhibition
14 June 2020 added new pieces by Shinsaku Hamada
27 May 2020 added new pieces by Tomoo Hamada
21 April 2020 uploaded new pieces by Ken Matsuzaki
10 April 2020 All the pieces by Françoise Dufayard and Tim Andrews are now shown and can be purchased online.
8 April 2020 "Françoise Dufayard and Tim Andrews" exhibition is extended and being held online.

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