NEW Akae Yunomi

 NEW Akae Yunomi

 NEW Tetsue Yunomi

 NEW Salt glazed Yunomi

 NEW White glazed Akae Sake cup


 NEW Kaki glazed Akae Sake cup  NEW Tessha faceted
Sake cup
 NEW Tessha faceted
Sake cup

Salt glazed Sake cup

Tessha Akae Yunomi


Kaki glazed Yunomi

Kaki glazed Akae Yunomi

Tessha Akae Sake cup
Tessha Akae Sake cup



Shinsaku Hamada_cW


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  2012 Appointed to Honorary Director of Mashiko Sankokan (Reference) Museum
  2008 Received the Achievement Award from Tochigi Prefecture
  2005 "Three generations of Hamada-gama Pottery - Shoji, Shinsaku and Tomoo" exhibition at Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum, Kyoto
  1999 "Hamada Shinsaku" exhibition at Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art
  1992 Held a workshop in Indonesia organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Japanese government.
  1978 Appointed to director of Mashiko Sankokan (Reference) Museum
  1963 Travelled in the USA for Shoji Hamada's workshops as his assistant
  1950 Studied arts and crafts at Waseda University in Tokyo
  1930 Moved to Mashiko with Shoji Hamada and his family
  1929 Born in Tokyo as second son of Shoji Hamada