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Summer Collection 2018

Thursday 16th August - Sunday 2nd September 2018
(closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the exhibition)

Gallery St. Ives

Bernard Leach / Michael Cardew / Walter Keeler / Shoji Kamoda etc.

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Tomoo Hamada

Please note that 'Tomoo Hamada' exhibition originally planned in September 2018 is now postponed until the last half of November. We will notify the new dates as soon as they are decided.

Last half of November 2018
Venue: Gallery St. Ives

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5 September 2018 added new work by Shinsaku Hamada
27 August 2018 added new work by Ken Matsuzaki
17 August 2018 updated current exhibitions
16 August 2018 updated forthcoming exhibitions
Slipware Dish by Michael Cardew   Large Bowl by Bernard Leach   Teapot with Thorns by Walter Keeler  

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