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"Spring Show 2019"
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Spring Show 2019

Saturday 23 March - Sunday 14 April 2019
(closed on Mondays to Wednesdays during the exhibition)
Venue: Gallery St. Ives
Opening hours: 11:00pm - 6:00pm

Josie Walter (Derbyshire) / Tim Lake (Wales)
Molly Attrill (Isle of Wight) / Philip Wood (Somerset)
Françoise Dufayard (France)

'Spring Show 2019' is showcasing new work by potters who we had few chances to introduce at Gallery St Ives.

Koichiro Isaka met with Josie Walter 20 years ago before starting the gallery in Tokyo. We didn't have opportunities to visit Derbyshire and show her work at the gallery but the meeting at a pottery fair took place in Derbyshire in 2017 luckily led us to showing her work at this exhibition. In the same year a granddaughter of Bernard Leach visited us in Tokyo and Rumi Koike visited her house last year where she found work by Molly Attrill. Attrill's work impressed Koike a lot and Isaka and Koike decided to visit her in the Isle of Wight last year. We are introducing her tin glazed pieces which we believe Japanese people will like.

We are also showing work by Philip Wood whose last large exhibition happened at the gallery in 2014, Tim Lake who moved from Cornwall to Wales and is making wood fired pieces and Françoise Dufayard, living and working in France, who celebrated her 40th anniversary as a potter last year.

Koichiro Isaka / Rumi Koike (Gallery St Ives)


Photos from the exhibition

(left) Molly Attrill
(right) Tim Lake

  (plate & baker) Josie Walter
(tile) Molly Attrill
(breakfast cup) Philip Wood

  Philip Wood

Josie Walter

  Molly Attrill

  Françoise Dufayard

(left) Josie Walter
(right) Philip Wood

  Josie Walter

  (plate ,salad bow, baker & slab dish)
Josie Walter
(black bowl) Françoise Dufayard

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